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the ‘how-to guide’ for making kitty-cat hair dolls!

Arts and crafts can be a tantalizing experience for all ages. It takes a creative mind to come up with fun, new activities for those involved to enjoy. After all, making sock puppets, drawing hand turkeys, and doing water paintings can get old fairly quickly. This is why I have decided to introduce you to the art of making cat hair dolls! So get ready, sit back, relax, and be prepared to take some notes – you are about to receive the how-to guide of a lifetime!

Step 1: Take out a brush & comb.

It is best if you use a brush specifically designed for pets.

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chillin like villains

The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and the kids were doing what they do best…chillin in their respective hangout spots. The opportunity was too good to pass, so I started snapping photos of them…

Caleb was basking in the sun and couldn’t get enough attention .

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ass juice

Emma and Caleb are chill cats that get along with pretty much everyone they encounter. They won Courtney over with their good looks and charm.

Although, there are times when I wish we had a dog instead of the cats…Emma used to have this problem where she would jump up onto my lap, and before I knew it there was a strong smelling oily substance on my shirt (or “ass juice”, as I prefer to call it). She would quickly jump off and start cleaning her rectum.

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Cat Whiz

This past October my cat took a whiz in the back seat of my car on our way to Seattle. Getting rid of the scent has been an ongoing process of trial and error – nothing seems to work. The smell makes me gage every time I get into the car, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a product that guaranteed successful removal of the odor…

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The responsibility of raising kids can be overwhelming to say the least. Unfortunately they don’t come with instruction manuals, often making it feel like the blind are leading the blind – just hoping they turn out alright. We want to provide them with opportunities that we never had, and do our best to achieve those things for them…In any case; it’s not easy raising kids.

Growing up, the furniture my parents owned looked like something you would find in the discard pile at the Goodwill (or a college frat house). I received the hand-me-downs from my older brother (it was rare to get a pair without patches on the knees), as well as his old toys. All of this led me to ask “Dad, why can’t we have nice things?” He smiled, crouched down to my level, and explained that “as a boy, it was in my nature to be destructive.”

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