the ‘how-to guide’ for making kitty-cat hair dolls!

Arts and crafts can be a tantalizing experience for all ages. It takes a creative mind to come up with fun, new activities for those involved to enjoy. After all, making sock puppets, drawing hand turkeys, and doing water paintings can get old fairly quickly. This is why I have decided to introduce you to the art of making cat hair dolls! So get ready, sit back, relax, and be prepared to take some notes – you are about to receive the how-to guide of a lifetime!

Step 1: Take out a brush & comb.

It is best if you use a brush specifically designed for pets.

Step 2: Brush the cat.

Any cat will get the job done. Feel free to find a stray, they won’t mind!

Step 3: Use the comb to remove the cat hair from the brush.

Clumping the hair together will make it easier to work with.

Step 4: Find an empty toilet paper roll in the trash.

Step 5: Collect five (5) cotton swabs – new or used.

Step 6: Tape – or – glue the exterior side of the old TP roll.

Step 7: Make five (5) small incisions in the old TP roll for the cue-tips.

Step 8: Put the cue-tips in their respective holes.

Step 9: Smoosh some of the collected hair on the sticky old TP roll.

Step 10: Make a head, use something lying around for the eyes, and nose.

Step 11: Play with your new kitty cat hair doll!


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