Cat Whiz

This past October my cat took a whiz in the back seat of my car on our way to Seattle. Getting rid of the scent has been an ongoing process of trial and error – nothing seems to work. The smell makes me gage every time I get into the car, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a product that guaranteed successful removal of the odor…


Urine Off is made to remove cat pee from items within the home, and is the closest thing I have encountered that could potentially get rid of the problem. Overall it was great – took the bite off of the strong ammonia stench, had a lovely fragrance, dar da dar dar.

After several applications, the scent remained. I don’t fault the product, because it wasn’t meant to be applied to the seat of a car.

How could you be mad at this cutie?!?

As a last resort, I turned to the age old trick – vinegar. Bada bing bada boom, problem solved. Just a few days of scrubbing with soap and water and everything is finally back to normal. Wish I would have attempted using vinegar the first time around…

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