shared experiences

I am a firm believer that shared experiences in life bond people together. Shucks, just being from Minnesota has brought Courtney and I closer to others here in Seattle who are originally from there. It’s been a great talking point that we can all relate with. Then there are embarrassing topics that probably shouldn’t be shared with others – like a classic schart story

The menu: 9lbs. Pork loin, bunch of ribs, skittles, twizzlers, and salad.

I spent a day at a cabin with my childhood friends over Easter weekend. We went four wheeling, shot some guns, ate a large feast, and played several games of “bags.”


After the sun went down, and there were enough distractions for others not to notice a few of us slip away, three of us hopped onto the golf cart and drove off into the night. Why? One of my friends had something he needed to get off his chest, but could only tell the two of us because we had been through “it” before.


I will refer to my friend as ‘Mitch’ for the rest of this post…

Mitch was at work, feeling fairly sick from a nasty stomach bug. It had been gurgling all morning, and by lunch, something felt like it had to blow. So he did what anyone in that situation would do…got in his car and drove home…


There was one tiny problem when he got home – his house keys were still sitting on his desk at work. On the trip back to get his house keys, the intensity of the pressure inside maxed out – he full blown shit his pants. Here’s the kicker…he still had to go in to work to get his house keys…using his coat as a butt shield, Mitch was able to sneak in and out undetected.

The fact that Jon and I had been through several experiences similar to the one “Mitch” went through, made it much easier for him to tell. His story needed to be told in a setting free of judgment. When he felt all alone in his experience, “Mitch” was able to turn to a couple good friends – bringing us all a little closer.


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