pyromania – the death of my toys

When my brother and I were old enough to stay at home without supervision, our parents set up rules for us to follow:

  1. Karl (my bother) is in charge.
  2. Spend an hour practicing both piano and trumpet.
  3. No Nintendo.
  4. No TV (didn’t really matter – dad was anti-cable TV).
  5. Must clean the house every day (probably why I am a clean freak).

My brother and I had our own set of rules:

  1. Practice piano & trumpet for 15 minutes (combined).
  2. Karl can play Nintendo all day, if Kurtis can play with fire…

Yup, I had recently discovered fire. I would play with my action figures outside, pour gas on them, light them on fire, and giggle like a madman! The only toys that survived my wrath belonged to my brother, which I recently acquired…

Casey Jones





Master Splinter lost his left hand in battle...

Rocksteady burnt his left hand trying to save his buddy Bebop in a fire…

Bebop didn't survive the fire - all that's left of him is this card...


My parents didn’t discover that I was a pyromaniac until my friend Ryan and I accidentally lit the fence on fire…that was pretty much the end of me burning my toys…sad day.

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