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New Friends!

Magnolia Beach

Courtney and I went on a short bike ride to Magnolia Beach yesterday to soak up some sun and skip some rocks on the water. On our way back to the bike path, we were called over to a couple who seemed to be having a difficult time figuring out how to work the camera on their iphone.

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Safeco Field

A High School friend of mine recently moved to Seattle for a job in the front office with the Mariners baseball team. His new job comes with a ton of perks – four seats behind home plate for each game, unlimited access to the whole stadium, ability to watch baseball all day in his office, etc.

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MS 150

There are charities for pretty much everything these days, making it difficult to choose one over another. Some just ask for donations, but the more successful ones also have events – Susan B. Komen Walk for the Cure, AIDS Walk, C.H. Robinson Worldwide MS 150 Ride, etc. Being sponsored in these events can be a fun experience, and I highly recommend participating in any of them at least once.

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Crazy Ped’s & Douche Bag Driver’s

It may come to a surprise to all of you, but unfortunately I’m not the world’s best driver. I know, it’s really hard to believe – but you’re Kourteous, how can you be a bad driver? Well, truth be told, I’ve totaled 3 vehicles so far (not including minor accidents) and I’m guessing there will be several more down the road. (Haha, get it? Down the road…it’s funny because I’m talking about cars…not funny? Okay, I’ll work on my humor later.)

Despite my horrible driving record, being courteous to other drivers and pedestrians has always been something that I take pride in – I don’t honk, tailgate, or cut people off, but I do patiently wait for pedestrians to cross, and let other drivers merge in front of me when nobody else will…

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