Crazy Ped’s & Douche Bag Driver’s

It may come to a surprise to all of you, but unfortunately I’m not the world’s best driver. I know, it’s really hard to believe – but you’re Kourteous, how can you be a bad driver? Well, truth be told, I’ve totaled 3 vehicles so far (not including minor accidents) and I’m guessing there will be several more down the road. (Haha, get it? Down the road…it’s funny because I’m talking about cars…not funny? Okay, I’ll work on my humor later.)

Despite my horrible driving record, being courteous to other drivers and pedestrians has always been something that I take pride in – I don’t honk, tailgate, or cut people off, but I do patiently wait for pedestrians to cross, and let other drivers merge in front of me when nobody else will…

That being said, something happened the other day after I picked Courtney up from work. It was raining, windy, and cold (the Seattleite definition of cold, which is about 40ish degrees Fahrenheit). We were stuck in rush hour traffic enjoying each other’s company. When we reached our street, several pedestrians were quickly crossing in the crosswalk – except for one younger gentleman who slowly strolled across the street…

This didn’t bother me, but it was slightly awkward since he was staring me down the whole time. That’s beside the point. He may have had an injury that prevented him from walking at a reasonable pace.

Right around the time when he walked in front of my car, the person behind me honked. Not just a little beep, but a full blown HOOOONNNNK. The guy absolutely lost his shit.

Crazy Pedestrian: “Did you just fu#%*!g honk at me?”

Kourteous: “No, it was the jackass behind me!”

Crazy Pedestrian: “DID YOU JUST HONK AT ME?” (Gets directly in front of my car)

Kourteous: (rolls down window) “NO I swear I didn’t!”

Crazy Pedestrian: (Briskly walks towards my door) “DID YOU FUC#@%G HONK AT ME?!?”

Kourteous: “NO. How many times do I have to tell you that it was the person behind me!?!” (Quickly sped off)

I have absolutely no clue what happened after that. What I do know, is that I was at the brink of soiling myself – but escaped in time to avoid that dreadful situation.

It turns out the guy was crazy and was probably looking for someone to give him a reason to snap. I’m glad it wasn’t me, but am royally pissed at the douche that was behind me. NOT COOL! He created a potentially dangerous situation for Courtney and me by being an un-courteous dick. I can only hope the crazy guy threw his scat at him like an angry monkey

Lessons learned:

  1. Listen to Disney music in rush hour…it works every time!
  2. Keep your composure when others fail at life.


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