New Friends!

Magnolia Beach

Courtney and I went on a short bike ride to Magnolia Beach yesterday to soak up some sun and skip some rocks on the water. On our way back to the bike path, we were called over to a couple who seemed to be having a difficult time figuring out how to work the camera on their iphone.

My baby

The lady was in a state of confusion as we patiently explained how to work the device. Her excitement grew as Courtney showed her the features on her phone.

How do I work the camera on this iphone?

She was very happy that we took the time to help and asked which part of the Midwest we were from. (Pretty sure Court’s accent gave us away). She told us that we were too nice to be from Seattle – as she was used to the “Seattle Freeze” from locals.

Courtney is such a sweetheart!

As a native New Yorker, she was feeling a bit home sick. She didn’t feel like people were very welcoming to new comers in Seattle, like they were in the big apple

Her husband was shivering on the bench quietly as we chatted with his wife. He told me that he missed the sunshine and warmth that he was accustomed to back in Morocco. I felt for this poor guy, encouraging him to keep his chin up – summer is almost here!

We decided that it would be a great idea to meet them for dinner this week. There is no such thing as having too many friends!!

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