MS 150

There are charities for pretty much everything these days, making it difficult to choose one over another. Some just ask for donations, but the more successful ones also have events – Susan B. Komen Walk for the Cure, AIDS Walk, C.H. Robinson Worldwide MS 150 Ride, etc. Being sponsored in these events can be a fun experience, and I highly recommend participating in any of them at least once.

This past summer Courtney and I decided to do the Minnesota MS 150 ride from Duluth to Minneapolis. This two-day bike ride is a fully supported weekend ride covering approximately 150 miles. It seemed like a daunting task on paper, but didn’t turn out to be very difficult.

The registration fee is extremely reasonable ($45), which includes a T-shirt, meals (Subway Sandwiches), food and drinks at rest stops, mechanical and medical support, police and volunteer support, and much more!

At the halfway mark there were showers, and entertainment – it was a great time to relax and mingle with other riders in the campsite.

There were some injuries along the way, but nothing too serious…

Justin blew out his knee and was down for the count...

Most people rode in groups – usually with the Companies they worked for – that could be identified by the jersey’s they sported. We rode with Space 150.

Overall the experience was great and totally worth it! If you enjoy cycling at any level, this is the charity for you. If you are not big on participating in these kinds of events, at least sponsor someone who does participate, or donate to the cause of your choice. It’s the courteous thing to do!

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