wine club

What is an easy way to meet a variety of people in a new city? Alcohol…duh silly! When Courtney and I started our lives here in Seattle, we wanted to feel at home. Starting a wine club, inspired by the one we belonged to in Minneapolis, helped with the transition.


The rules of wine club are simple:

  • Everyone chooses a month to host & the wine they wish to serve. (It’s common for people to team up and co-host to cut down on cost)
  • The host provides the wine & food.


It is also common for the host to do some homework on the wine they decided to serve and present the information to the guests. This is usually a great educational opportunity for everyone – it also helps justify drinking a lot of wine.


In Minneapolis, wine club occurred one Thursday of every month. Due to the day of the week, these events remained fairly tame, and mostly educational.


Here in Seattle, wine club quickly morphed into a sloppy wine drinking experience like none other, forcing us to move the event to the weekend.


I’m not saying one is better than the other, but rather, I am just pointing out the obvious differences.


So if you are new to a city, or just looking for an excuse to hang out with people, try starting a wine club!

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