taste the rainbow

I am all for trying new and exciting things, especially if it’s for a good cause. However, when Courtney asked if I’d do the Seattle Color Run with her I had to say no.

early morning

Courtney loved the swag!

I said no for one reason, but not because I don’t like to run. It wasn’t because I couldn’t complete the 5k. It wasn’t because I don’t like the charity (I love em!). It wasn’t because it was the morning after wine club and I only had four hours of sleep either…

pre run pic

The excited bunch before the run.

The real reason I said no was because I couldn’t get the image of several people pummeling me with colored powder that would then go into my mouth, and I would literally have to taste the rainbow. Hell, it even could have gone down my throat, where I would then choke to death and die on the streets of Seattle looking like a clown. DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT; I AM NOT A CRAZY PERSON!!

I quickly got over my unreasonable fear when the race began, and the participants were…walking? (a handful actually were running) Dang, now I really seem crazy.

oh courney...

Courtney & Kari pretending to be exhausted at the end of the run…

Everyone seemed to be having fun. I witnessed a father and son cheat by taking the monorail to the halfway point, but who really gives a damn – after all, they paid to be in the “run.”


At the end of the “run” all of the participants gathered in the middle of the field at the Seattle Center, and threw up the left over color packets at the same time. It was pretty epic!



We celebrated afterwards with some bloody marys at The Cyclops Café.

yummy yummy in yo tummy!

I suppose I could give the Color Run a shot next year after all…

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