wine float

There are few things in life that can beat a relaxing time on the water with Courtney, a drink in hand, surrounded by great friends. So when the opportunity to go on a wine float in the Cascades presented itself, we jumped on it without hesitation!

There are no words…really.

The website was pretty vague as far as explaining what we were getting into, but there was alcohol involved so it had to be great – and it was.

Our group thought we would be going down a lazy river, on a raft, with a guide. We also thought we would be making a stop along the way to drink some wine, paired with a cheese platter…we were half right. Good thing we were prepared, and brought along two boxes of wine!

Turns out we would be going down a level 3 rapids (not too intense, but more than we expected) in a raft, with a local guide. At the end of the experience, they would give us a voucher for a wine tasting at the local vineyard.

Wait. What? It’s not a lazy river and wine isn’t provided on the boat? Crap.

This was all fine and dandy, but we needed to step up our game to take on the rapids — the two boxes of wine would do the trick!

One bag of wine down! One more to go!

We passed the wine around the raft during the lull points in the river ride to gain courage – it totally worked. Our guide also happily joined in on the drinking escapade, which made for a wild ride. As the trip progressed, we were accidentally steered into several low hanging tree branches, and went down parts of the rapids backwards…

A lovely shot of Carin and our local guide.

We eventually took a break by a cliff, so the crazy people in our group could jump off of it. I had courage, but not enough to join in the fun.

The water was colder than they thought!

When the ride ended we were all wet, drunk, and happy. It was a great experience, to say the least!

Group photo — bunch of happy campers — and by campers, I mean rafters.

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