Redneck Life!

Drinking games are fun to play occasionally. I have several foggy, but fond, memories of playing hockey (the card game), categories, beer pong, and tippy cup – but let’s face it, college is over and it’s probably time to grow up. I’m not saying adults should stop playing drinking games – just the one’s college kid’s play. If you’re wondering: “why me?” or “What now?” Have no worries, look no further, your answer is finally here…ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce you to ‘Redneck Life’!

The objective of the game is to be the player with the most teeth remaining on “The Day of Reckon’n” (the end of the game). The player with the biggest feet goes first. Players do not start with any money and are required to take a loan or a “Check ‘N Scram” for a Payday Advance.

Roll one red & one blue dice to determine your name!

Courtney and I have found it to be extra enjoyable to require everyone to speak like a redneck throughout the whole game – if someone refuses, they cannot speak. Playing the game with our British friend Dave was absolutely hilarious! The combination of British and Redneck accents is something everyone must experience.

Using beer caps instead of the cheap pawns provided are strongly recommended

Each player starts the game with all 28 teeth, which are pictured on the score card. When another player, card, or space causes a player to lose a tooth, it must be blacked out on the scorecard. Any disputes are resolved by the player with the fewest teeth.

Vehicles to choose

There is a lot more to the game that I have not included here, but I am tired of writing – so go buy the game, gather your friends, and go redneckin!

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