Second Chances

People are not perfect – in some way or another we disappoint, and offend the people we love most. It’s one of the many human flaws we are unable to escape. Fortunately, we are able to forgive and be forgiven for our mistakes. When someone reaches out and asks for a second chance, you give it to them. It’s the courteous thing to do.

I received a phone call yesterday from Melissa at in response to the bath pillow mishap. She wanted to personally apologize for the mistake, and right the wrong. I was given a refund for the purchase, and a voucher off my next order. They want me to give them a second chance, and I intend to do just that. Why? Because nobody is perfect…not even companies like

One Response to “Second Chances”

  • Melanie

    I had the same thing happen with a company I have spent literally 1,000s of dollars at for clothes. I bought a pair of pants and the seam ripped. I liked them so much I just fixed them myself. Then, they ripped in a different spot. So I tried to take them back but didn’t have the receipt. They said they would take them, over the phone. When I drove to the store, they said they wouldn’t take back damaged goods, without a receipt. I explained it was obviously faulty sewing, and not damage caused by my lack of care. Still nothing. So I emailed corporate and they are sending me a gift card. For that, they will keep a customer.