Chess Night at the White Horse!

In my younger years, I had absolutely no patience for board games (other than checkers) or Nintendo. Playing in the great outdoors was the only thing I ever wanted to do – creating a rift in my relationship with my brother, as he was the complete opposite. Though my love for the outdoors hasn’t changed, my patience and desire for learning new things has evolved over the years.

In college, I taught myself how to play Backgammon. Apparently the strategy is very similar to Poker (weird right?!?). This was news to me when my friend Jon asked me to teach him how to play, in hopes that it would make him a better Poker player. It was confusing (because I don’t play poker), but exciting none the less – I FINALLY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY ANOTHER HUMAN!!!


As I taught Jon different strategies of the game, he would point out the commonality in the thought process between the two. It was interesting, but not enough to get me to play poker. (I prefer games that don’t involve money.)

A few months ago I was chatting with my friend, Walt, about life at a local pub. At some point in the conversation, the game Chess was mentioned – making his eye’s light up with pure exhilaration! That was it. The conversation quickly turned into a passion driven (on Walt’s part) discussion about the game. If you knew Walt, passion is something he exhibits in every conversation, but nothing compared to one devoted to chess!

Pub Chess!

The conversation had sparked my interest, so I spent time every day over the past few months learning how to play the game. One can only play the computer so long before wanting – no, wait – CRAVING interaction with people.

 Every Tuesday night is ‘Chess Night’ at the White Horse Trading Company, so I decided to make an appearance yesterday. It was perfect! Unfortunately I didn’t win, but did get the chance to gain a better understanding of Chess.

White Horse Tavern

Walt memorized each play of the game. Afterwards, he walked me through each move, explaining different strategies and steps I could have taken to gain control of the board. The tactics of Chess exhibit a striking resemblance to the military strategy courses that I took in college – one of my favorite topics! Anyways, I am eager to learn more from Walt, and look forward to play again next Tuesday at the White Horse!

As I continue to discover life’s hidden treasures, my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and desire to experience new things, seems to grow. My only hope is that you, too, will break out of your shell, and attempt something new…thank me later.

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