“New Look”

For the past few months my girlfriend Courtney has been trying to convince me to see a beautician for hairstyle advice. Her reason is simple…I’ve had the same look since high school, and (she believes) it’s time for a ‘new look’.

Oh high school…

I’m sure you’re thinking she’s got a point, it’s not a big deal, and after all, it’s just hair. Understood, but I’m not convinced. After years of frustration with so called ‘professionals’ doing hack jobs to my hair, I finally threw in the towel and started cutting it myself.

Is it really that bad? 🙁

My friends even let me practice on them…

The first is always the worst. Sorry Eric.
Not a redneck…I promise!

 Who doesn’t LOVE a great mullet? Seriously.

I couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult to get a summer job…

Eventually, we all got over our ‘mullet phase’ and I began attempting more civilized hair styles…

Oh come on, you know he looks good!

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I would be happy to cut your hair!

I have no words…

 The more I think about it, perhaps it is time for me to give the professionals another chance. After all, my girlfriend would be ecstatic and it does eventually grow back…

3 Responses to ““New Look””

  • Courtney

    Just to clarify, I was merely suggesting you freshen up your skills and seek some modern inspiration. I would never try to insult you artistic abilities (nor would I let you tough my hair with that buzzer). :*

  • Terri

    Hah. Good clarification Courtney. Glad the haircut didn’t create relationship strife!

  • Bill Molumby

    Courtney screamed bloody murder when I trimmed her bangs when she was a child, her mother didn’t appreciate my attempt to be frugal either.