Bicycle Adventure

Bicycle adventures have always been one of my favorite pastimes. Gone are the days of my youth when I would hop on my bike to follow my older brother to his friend’s house – he would make a game out of it, weaving through uncharted neighborhoods in an attempt to lose me. It usually ended with a stream of tears rolling down my chubby cheeks, trying to find my way back home. Fortunately, I keep better company these days…

This weekend was a perfect time to discover new places in our new beloved city. With the sun shining bright, we mounted our bikes (God only knows how much I really want a tandem bicycle) and started the journey to wherever…

We stumbled upon some sort of yacht club for the privileged at Elliott Bay Marina…we didn’t really fit in, but it was a great find none the less!

As we headed towards Ballard, I noticed something only little kids (myself included) would find entertaining…

Please resist the urge to hump the rear end of this train!

Before reaching Ballard, hunger took over. When that happens, its time to stop everything and find some food before all hell breaks loose.

We stopped at Salmon Bay – the docking home of the North Pacific fishing fleet and where you can find the best fish n’ chips in the area – Chinook’s!

Though we never did reach our destination (Ballard), the day managed to be a success. It was a wonderful biking adventure overall (with no tears) thanks to the company that I now keep.

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